User Empathy

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WeDesign provides consulting to help Organizations understand their users better. A successful Product or Service requires user research based user centric design and empathize with users. There is no other way to increase the probability of a Product/Service success. Get in Touch with us to know more.

Empathize and understand users

Build Products and Services that will be loved by users!

Oxford defines the word ‘Empathy’ as:

the ability to imagine and understand the thoughts, perspective, and emotions of another person.

User research is a key activity which an Organization can use to avoid risks, bring in innovation and build product or service that will be loved by users. This involves understanding your users. Empathy is a key skill to understand your users.

Being empathetic means - being able to get into the shoes of your users. Practically, that is not possible as we cannot live a day in life of another person. But, we can use a spectrum to see what it would be like to live the life of your user. The ways to practice empathy with your users are:

1.       Observing them (Ethnography) – how they perform a task in which you are interested

2.       Interviewing them – Discuss one to one on key areas of interest

3.       Market secondary research data

4.       Other sources

There multiple effective tools help to synthesize and articulate the understanding in users:

1.       User Persona Canvas

2.       Empathy Map

3.       Customer Journey Map

User Persona Canvas

A user persona canvas helps to articulate and visualize the environment of the user. What are the encouraging and negative vibes and factors that user may be surrounded with. The canvas also helps to define the opportunities and issues in the work, fears, hopes for the user and needs and wants.

Empathy Map

An Empathy map helps to define:

1.       What user hears?

2.       What they think and feel?

3.       What they say?

4.       What do they see?

5.       What do they do?

6.       User’s pains and gains.

Customer Journey Map

A Customer journey map is a visual depiction of journey of customer from start to end when they but a product or service. It brings out all touch points user may have with environment, service provider, manufacturer, customer support or any other entities. The map is useful to uncover potential points of failure, inferior service performance, key moments and customer satisfaction at each step.