Design Thinking & Innovation

Innovation is the key to survive and prosper. Creative ability, innovative thinking and imagination helps us to move to the next stage of organizational evolution.

The purpose of design is to make a product or service functional and usable and make human life easier. Few examples of good design and innovation have been Nokia phones, iPhone, COD (cash on Delivery).

Good design creates value for customers. So what is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that helps understand customers and their challenges and redefine problems to design innovative solutions.

Design thinking helps to:

How WeDesign can help?

WeDesign can help you implement Design thinking process for Product or Service you are building. We use tools like research, user personas, customer journey map, Jobs to be Done, Value proposition canvas, problem framing canvas and many more to uncover the user needs and design solution with high chances of success.

A tool like Problem framing canvas helps to define the right problem.

The Value Proposition Canvas helps you to create a fit between what customers want and what your business offers.

There are many more similar tools that are used as part of Design thinking process at each stage.